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dishwasher connect on the wrong side of disposer

I have a double sink with the garbage disposer in the left sink and the exit drain to the sewer on the right sink. The old disposer hooks straight across from the right side of the disposer to the trap and all works fine. I have a dish washer on the left side of the sink. It has a looped piece of copper tubeing and is attached to the left side of the old hotpoint disposer with a rubber conector (straight in). I need to replace the garbage disposer, and all of the new ones have the drain and the dishwasher connector on the same side. do i dare loop a peice of tubing around to the right side from the copper tube and connect? I am afraid of possible kinking or something with out the straight shot into the disposer. I cannot find a disposer like the old hotpoint with the exit drain on one side and the dishwasher connection on the other. any advice will be useful.

Re: dishwasher connect on the wrong side of disposer

New DW's all have a drain hose that is of flexible tubing, either something like black garden hose, or a semi-transparent plastic corrugated hose. The point is, it is expected than the DW drain hose will be flexed to make the connection.

In your case, the copper line may actually connect the air gap fitting that mounts on the countertop or sink to the disposer. This copper line can be replaced with the same type of flexible hose that will allow you to make the needed bends to connect to the disposer.

If there is no air gap fitting, you can cut the copper line at a convenient place and use an arrangement of hose clamps and hose to extend the drain by means an added section of new hose.

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