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Dishwasher acting up/funny noise from panel

I noticed my dishwasher was shut off prematurely yesterday, and some light research I discovered there wasn't any power going to it. It is wired to the electrical panel on one circuit; it was not tripped. I thought there might be an auxiallry fuse within the dishwasher itself (none found) so I went back to the panel. I shut off what is the "kitchen plugs" and the dishwasher started right up. I kept flipping the dishwasher then kitchen plug off and on and the dishwasher would shut off automatically.

Here's the kicker;

I kept hearing an electrical buzzing behind the panel, sort of what a short would sound like (when the dishwasher was running) but nothing would trip.

The dishwasher has worked fine for the past 6 months and all of a sudden this problem has surfaced. The electrical panel has been inspected in the recent past. Could the circuit breaker not be at a high enough load that the dishwasher runs on?


Re: Dishwasher acting up/funny noise from panel

Start by checking the dishwasher circuit breaker. Look for signs of wear and tear. Replace it if needed. It should be a 15 amp breaker.

If that's not the problem, report back.

Re: Dishwasher acting up/funny noise from panel

As dj1 says remove the breaker and check for arc marks on the contacts, replace if they exist. Check wire connection to breaker and make sure it is tight. Be sure to check the neutral wire connection also.


Re: Dishwasher acting up/funny noise from panel

The breaker is a 15 AMP (or so it says on the top of the switch.) I replaced it with one in the panel that was a spare and so far it's working alright. I did not see any arc marks anywhere on the contacts on the faulty breaker. I'm wondering if internally the breaker is bad.

Thanks for the tips.

Daniel G.

Re: Dishwasher acting up/funny noise from panel

Circuit breakers are pretty durable, but thet go bad too. When they wear out and need replacement.

Keep us posted.

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