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Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

I like the great ideas, but what kills me is that you almost never get a really good detailed look at how or why Tom or others decide why they do most of what they do. It seems almost like were getting a 24 minute infomercial for whomever is donating a product. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching the guys go to a factory where stuff is made, BUT I wish that much detail was consistently shown about materials or choices made for regular joe materials and processes as well. Maybe the producers could stretch the show to a full thirty minutes to include it. I don't care that they make it shorter so commercials can be put in when it is in syndication.:mad::mad:

By the way, anyone seen Norm lately. This season's New Yankee Workshop appears to consist totally of reruns. Anyone know if he is OK?

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

I did watch my first episode of this TV year last Saturday. It seemed to me they just wist through the show talking about small details. I guess a prefab unit would do that, but the show just does not have much appeal this year.
Well they did talk about a drainage system worth more than my house.:D


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