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Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

I like TOH, and I like ATOH.

I much prefer Kevin to Steve and Bob, as someone else said, Kevin has his dream job. His eulogy for Mr Ferrante(sp?) was most touching. It's Kevin with whom I'd most like to raise a glass or two - in Southie...:D

I'll admit to being disappointed with yet another high-end remodel, and the elitest homeowner "baggage" that comes with it, but I understand that TOH has to produce xx episodes, and you can't make a powder room remodel last more than one or two.

The East Boston remodel was refreshingly blue collar, with two nice ladies watching their budget. Loved it. Real people.

My lady wife and I have remodeling tasks that we prioritize - first a stand-by generator - then the laundry room - then the guest bath and so on, as we get the funds together. A surprise low price on a decent vanity might re-prioritize our list.

Watching TOH and ATOH either gives me the courage to tackle almost anything, or the knowledge that, maybe, for *this* one, I'll write out a check.


Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

I'll admit they have got away from the normal TOH.But one has to look at it as education also.I too love to see them fix up the old houses.How grand are they.But dont hurt to mix a modern in once in a while.Long as the complete format dont change.I really cant remember how long i've been watching TOH,then ATOH came to be.Which is wonderful.And a lot reasonable and personal and down to earth.We all like to see how to DIY if possible.But remember it's TV and made to entertain.And that it does.Say what ever happen to Inside this Old House?I don't know about this stuff of tearing down and prefabing it.To me the house isn't old any more.To me it shows green living.The 25th anniversary house was great.And still had a barn that look like a barn.This new project doesn't look like a barn to me.Looks like a lot of designs thrown together.:)

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH
umichigan wrote:

I wonder if I'm the only one who pines for TOH the way it used to be back in the Vila days. Back then the show was focused on the average home owner, you know, the ones with fewer than a million dollars to spend on home renovations?

Ask TOH is much closer to TOH roots. Perhaps that's why the producers developed ATOH? I'd like to see more features on TOH that can appeal to the average joe/jane. For example, why can't they find projects where the home owners have thousands of dollars in their budgets instead of hundreds of thousands?

I agree. I have been a faithful viewer for years and TIVO evey episode. The projects get bigger and bigger. It seems as though the show is losing the details that we all loved. Where the problems were ones we could relate to. I was excited to see the New Orleans house last year, as that house was more average by most standards. But the green-friendly one this year is the least appealing of them all. Most people cannot tear down a whole house and start over. TOH needs to get back to its roots!

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

Sorry, I think most of the shows are out of my reach. I don't have anyone donating materials to my projects. And I don't see any suggestions for finding "look alike" products on the cheap. And my house isn't as grand as most of those shown. I miss the older shows.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

... the... designs are the thing. Most of us will never do a complete remodel of a house in one go, rather we will do one room at a time and we have our choice of materials to use .After all a $2000 breakfast nook made of exotic wood can also be built with $200 worth of poplar...

The finishes used are key to getting a high end look. There is no advice on substitute materials for lower budgets.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

I remember the day I discovered "home improvement" shows on TV and fell completely in love with them. It was a rainy Saturday in Miami about twenty years ago and with nothing to do I searched the TV programs and came across TOH on PBS with Steve Thomas. Loved it! It was followed by New Yankee Workshop and then Hometime. Loved them! And for almost twenty years I have deligently tried to keep up with all of them. Hometime has lost a bit of charm, New Yankee continues to capture my imagination and as for TOH and ATOH they are the tops! So occassionally they go and build expensive mansions or spend time in factories, I don't care, they entertain me and show me micro-projects, techniques and tools I can do and get. As a matter of fact, the solar fan on my roof was directly inspired by a segment on ATOH with Tom Silva. I have never been dissapointed by any project or segment, except when Steve left. It took Kevin's first project for me to get use to him and now I think he is great! And by the way, as much as I love football you will never catch me watching any game (including the Super Bowl) when TOH, ATOH or New Yankee is on!

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

more ash is leaving!? Great news! A self centered, self serving little man...............

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

As I understand it the major TP companies are going to come out with a Moronash wipe?

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

My biggest disappointment is that my local PBS station always has fundraising midway through the series during which they broadcast "other" programs (Celtic Women? WHO wants to watch THAT?)in place of TOH so I haven't seen a full series in over 5 years. They never make up the skipped episodes so I'm always left hanging to see how the project turned out. I'm beginning to wonder if they actually only buy half of the series. I would really like to have DVD sets available.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

Well, they could go with cheaper remodels, but who would watch a show that ends up with a house that looks like the one they're already living in? Besides, they just can't fill a season with a tract home. They'd have to do several, and they'd end up repeating themselves. Viewers would get bored, sponsors would dry up, and PBS would leave you with Bolivian Basket Weaving.

There's just nothing exciting about white, textured sheetrock walls, vinyl flooring, wall-to-wall carpet, and vinyl siding.

A remodel that incorporates some of the design features seen on TOH can be done cheaply if you are an avid DIYer and have the patience of a craftsman. When you have to hire all the trades, there's no such thing as a cheap remodel.

Even so, spending $60,000 on a linen closet remodel seems a bit over the top. (OK, I'm exaggerating. But you get the point.)


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