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Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

I think the show is fine. What difference does it make if you see a bathroom remodel in one house , a kitchen remodel in another, etc or you see all of the above done in one house. The techniques and designs are the thing. Most of us will never do a complete remodel of a house in one go, rather we will do one room at a time and we have our choice of materials to use .After all a $2000 breakfast nook made of exotic wood can also be built with $200 worth of poplar. I do think that they spend a little to much time on repeating stuff like security systems, home theaters, foam insulation, and installing lighting.


Re: Disappointed with modern TOH
Chief wrote:

In my opinion, Kevin O'Connor is the best host TOH ever had. I am blessed to live in area where labor and material costs are low. Also the average cost for a 2500 square foot ranch style home with garage is about 150 thousand and up.

Wow, Chief! That's pretty nice. In my area $150k will get you 1,000 sq. ft. on an alley in a questionable neighborhood.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

And I thought I was the only one . . .

Frustration is the word. I have tried to rent tools I have seen on the show or purchase some of the new and innovative products. I watch ATOH and suffer through watching grown professionals play "What is it?". If those one of those guys would come visit my house, I would be hopping up and down in the yard when the truck pulled up.

I know. They are at the top of their game and a little house is not a challenge.

I still watch and every so often, when I don't expect it, I see something amazing that makes it all worthwhile.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

Watching the early years of Steve Thomas will make you cringe. As I bet he does as well. The This Old House drinking game has listed his famous "If I only would have known that when I remodeled my house" line as a must drink phrase.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

Don't bring back Bob Vila, his current show is an infomercial and nothing more. At least TOH is about how to and if Kevin is better than Steve is silly. I liked Steve and was sorry to see him go, but I have learned to like Kevin as well. If I have a complaint it is TOH spends to much time at factories and manufacturers. I have no interest in that and wiouild rather see them discuss and solve problems that I might have. Maybe those visits pay the rent and if so then I have to tolorate it, but I don't have to like it.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH
SherryH wrote:

I heard Tom Silva speak at a home show and this question was raised. He said that the reason they do these bigger, more expensive projects was that they needed to have a project big enough to fill up the 26 episodes. Everyone know that the TOH home remodels are beyond the scope of most people's own home remodeling plans (or budgets) but the show is there to give you ideas and to entertain you and to let you dream. Personally, I love it! I've gotten good ideas from the show that I've used. I certainly don't want to go back to the Vila days. So take the good ideas from the show and just enjoy it.

what was wrong with bob villa?
I liked him as well as the shows that followed him, as well as ask and new yankee.

jack hammer
Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

I'm also disapointed with the high budget jobs on the show. And what happend to the home owners doing some of the work. Also seems like my TOH magazine has become TGH (This Green House). While I love our planet and do try to protect it, If I wanted a magazine about being green I would buy one.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

The high budgets do not bother me, quite the opposite. It is great to see the intricate work that is performed on the show.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH


You asked me what was wrong with Bob Vila? The thing that bothered me about Bob was that he was kind of rude sometimes. I don’t think he meant to be rude, but he interrupted people a lot. When you ask someone a question you should give them the courtesy to listen to their answer. I think Steve was a wonderful host and he had great rapport with the other guys. And I just adore Kevin – he is a great host, too. He has built a great rapport with the other guys, too. You can tell he is so tickled to have this dream job. I am so glad the TOH people got a “regular” person to be the new host and not some actor. I think they did a fantastic job in picking Kevin. Tom, Norm, and Rich are getting to the point where they might retire in the not-too-distant future. I hope that when these guys turn in their tools that TOH finds other people who are as much the real deal and as likeable as these guys are.

Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

This Ol' House is still on the air? LOL
Kidding...I just don't watch most of these shows...after all when I get home the last thing I wanna do is watch what I just got back from doing...lol.
Oh geezzz...so why am I here...I'm so confused...lol:confused: :p :rolleyes: :D


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