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Dirty shower tile

The tile floor in my shower is dingy and seems to have a film on it. I have scraped it but that's too time consuming. I have tried various cleaners, nothing works. Should I power wash it?
What else will work to make the tiles come up like new.

Re: Dirty shower tile

Might be a funny answer coming from someone's that been doing renovations the past 30+ years but the industrial TILEX you get in your supermarket is pretty powerful stuff. You really need to keep the windows open when you use it. the fumes are pretty intense. I found it to work really well.

Re: Dirty shower tile

Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure I used that already, but will give it another try. Any other suggestion are appreciated!

Re: Dirty shower tile

For the most comprehensive answer to your question you will find it here
Look in the "Liberry" there
and post the questions as well.

You will see an ad for Stonetech in the Liberry up top of the page...they have some incredable products.

Re: Dirty shower tile

Have you already tried good old sudsy ammonia and a scrub brush? Straight ammonia, scrub, wipe up with paper towels and on to the next section. Carry the ammonia filled paper towels out regularly.

Be sure to keep the fan on and the windows open.

Don't use it if you've recently used bleach anywhere in the house.

Re: Dirty shower tile

I have found that Scrubbing Bubbles works great to get off caked on soap scum and water stains. Good luck!

Re: Dirty shower tile

I found Scrubbing Bubbles works well too. Spray nearly the whole can over the area & let it set for at least a few hours. Spray again & scrub with a brush.I usually wet the area first.
Running the exhaust fan is a good idea.

Re: Dirty shower tile

I have had great results with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. I also liked the idea of the steam cleaning system.

Re: Dirty shower tile

Try using a few dryer sheets.. Just rub dryer sheets on tile/glass doors w/ a little water. The soap scum comes off in no time!

Also - the Mr Clean Eraser works sooooooo well!:)

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