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dinged wood floor

A tray full of silverware fell onto our wood floor chipping the finish and putting some dings in the floor. How can we fix it without refinishing the whole floor?

Re: dinged wood floor

You don't say what kind of wood floor it is (strip, parquet, etc.) but I'll assume it's strip. If you can isolate the dings to a few specific boards, you can sand the finish, use some filler that's colored to match the boards, then sand again. Now you can refinish the floor with the same finish that is used on the surrounding boards. It should come out OK. You'll be the only one who knows to look at those boards.

Good Luck.

Re: dinged wood floor

Thank you for your encouraging response. You guessed correctly, it is a strip wood floor. I didn't think to mention that the floor has a polyurethane finish. Does that make a difference? If not, we will definitely give your remedy a try! Thanks again.

Re: dinged wood floor

Another option is to wait. You'll have more dings over time:)

Here's a funny story for you. I was finishing/staining a fir floor with some gel stain....I started in one corner and worked my way to the next. At the final corner this image started to appear. It was the imprint of my wife's slipper. Wasn't funny at the time, but now I laugh. THe floor was sanded about a week before I got to the stain. She must of had cleaning chemical on her slipper and walked on the bare floor. Being a soft wood, I really didn't want to try to sand it out...not knowing how deep I would have to go, I left it alone. That slipper print can still be seen in the floor today. It makes a nice conversation piece :) Maybe a sanding sealer might have done the trick, not sure.

It's like the heart pine flooring I put down in my beadroom. At first I was so afraid to dent the stuff. After years have gone by, it's taken on a look of its own...and looks great.

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