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Dimmer - lights going out

Hello. Hopefully someone can figure out what's going on, because I feel like I've tried many things. My office has four recessed lights controlled by one dimmer switch. Recently, the old incandescent bulbs burnt out, so I purchased replacements.

TRY 1: I bought four Feit 50w daylight mu5.3 led bulbs at Home Depot. They worked, but I didn't like the light quality and they were too bright.

TRY 2: I bought four Feit 35w bright white mu5.3 led bulbs. They turned on and were dimmable, but when at 90-100% on the dimmer a light or two would drop out. Sometimes all four would go out. I thought maybe the wattage was too high or maybe I needed to replace the dimmer.

TRY 3: Replaced the old dimmer with a new Lutron dimmer that definitely works with LED's. The dropout issue continued with the 35w bulbs.

TRY 4: I tried 20watt versions of the same bulb, but the same drop out occurred.

What is going on? How can I fix this? I'm at wit's end.... 

Re: Dimmer - lights going out

You need to replace the actual fixture with a dimable fixture. Not just the bulb. Most Light Emmitting Diodes are not able to have a variable current. A diode has what is called a saturation limit. Only so much current can be passed across the leads before it is above the saturation point. You cannot put anything you in a circuit with a mix of light emmitting diodes and incandescent fixtures.



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