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Dilemma on what to do first

I just taken up all my carpet & padding exposing the concrete slab
of my house. I have the laminate flooring to be laid. I also intend to repaint these rooms. Which do I do first---the painting with the concrete floors or lay the laminate flooring first and than paint? I have been advised to go both ways by various people.
Help.....please advise.

Re: Dilemma on what to do first

Paint first since here will always be spills and drips.

Re: Dilemma on what to do first

There is relatively little dust and mess with a laminate floor. I would do your painting first. Were you laying a sanded in place wood floor, I would paint after the floor installation after completely protecting the floor with rosen paper.

Re: Dilemma on what to do first

I would definetly do the painting first. This way you don't have to worry about dripping on the floor.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Dilemma on what to do first

I would next do any repairs to the floor surface (like filling holes left behind from the removal of the old carpet tack strip) and leveling work or patching. you usually need to put a bonding agent down before you put the patching or leveling stuff. If you have high spots on the concrete floor you would want to grind those down which is very messy dusty work, so you'd want to do that now too.

I'd also do a final vacuuming (ceilings, walls and floors) before I started and use a clean cotton rag to wipe/dust down the surfaces as I vacuumed. Wash the walls if necessary before priming or painting.

Then I'd paint but I would take care to tarp or protect the floors from the paint because cleaning paint off the concrete is a pain and the concrete could retain the moisture from your cleaning activities and you don't want bubbles or raised areas from dried paint drips to show through your laminate floor (which it will over time when there is weight on the top of the floor and the pad material for the laminate floor compresses or breaks down after a while). I'd paint ceilings before walls, and if priming both, do all the priming before painting.

J Roper
Re: Dilemma on what to do first

Definatley paint first. You can touch it up later, if needed, easier than covering and cleaning spills and drips on your new floor.

J Roper
Re: Dilemma on what to do first

Paint first. It's easier to touch up the paint, if needed, than it is to cover and/or clean your new floor.

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