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Digital TV vs HDTV picture quality.

I saw TOH Guys talking about DTV. I am looking for an answer to what I saw on Digital TV.
When looking to buy a new TV, most stores sell HDTV & Digital by only showing movies/DVD's on all the store TV sets, so you can't see what over-the-air programs looks like.
This is bad for the customer (can't see the truth) but it is great for selling Televisions.
We have a roof antenna, over-the-air, no cable. I wanted to see the difference between over-the-air Digital programs vs HDTV programs.
At Best Buy in a local store, Mich, they have a TV set up to see regular over-the-air programs and Digital TV. For the first time I got to see what Digitial vs. HDTV looks like.
I saw the same show in Digital & in HDTV. I was shocked to see that the Digital program was blurrey compared to the same show in HDTV.
Will all the Digital over-the-air programs really look that bad?? If so, why switch??
Thank You. Viewers may want to know. I do.

A. Spruce
Re: Digital TV vs HDTV picture quality.
A. Spruce

There is a blue bar just above this thread that has "user cp", "faq", etc in it. As you read across that blue bar you'll see "search". Enter HDTV and hit return. What you'll find is this thread and two others that talk directly of this question. Have a look at those and see if your questions are answered, if not let us know. :)

Re: Digital TV vs HDTV picture quality.

You have to consider the source of the broadcast. If it was a satellite the blurry picture could have been because of bad weather conditions. HD has it's advantages in those conditions.

If a cable system was giving the store a feed then you have to question the choices of the cable provider.

If the store was recieving those signals via air waves as you will be then I would question their receiving box.

Before you make the choice to upgrade your televison, think about investing in a converter box. Then wait until next year when everything switches to digital to see if you're going to need a better tv but you'll have the box for your current television to be used in another room of the house.

I already have my converters although I have cable in the majority of the house, I have 2 rooms that are strictly antennae televisions and will remain that way.

Re: Digital TV vs HDTV picture quality.

Their is a difference between digital hi-def at 1080i resolution & digital at a standard definition of 480i.
The 1080i will always look sharper and compared side to side the standard won't look very good. But compare the digital standard definition next to analog both at 480i & the digital will usually look better because their will be no ghosting or other anomalies. One difference with an analog signal is that you can pull in stations with a marginal signal and still watch it if you can tolerate the snow, but the digital probably won't have enough signal to work.
You may need to upgrade your antenna & a rotor is needed to fine tune the signal. I've noticed that a few degrees one way or another can make a difference is getting a digital signal when it is weak.

Re: Digital TV vs HDTV picture quality.

It's nice to see the forum back up.

woodgreen .... Like A.Spruce mentioned use the serach function and enter "DTV" or "HGTV" and you will find threads on those topics. You could also go the section "Home Technology" where both threads are located.

The short of the long ...... DTV will be the future method of broadcasting the TV signal over the air ( OTA ) ..... which will include both standard defintion ( SDTV ) and high definition ( HDTV ) formats.

In general .... HDTV is a high quality picture format compared to the standard defintion broadcast ( SDTV ) that you are currently viewing.


Will all the Digital over-the-air programs really look that bad??

...... it will be no worse than what you are currently watching.

Of course the electronic stores will have the advantage of showing you SDTV and HDTV side by side so you will be more inclined to shell out more bucks …. comparing oranges and apples …. Or a 4 door 4 cyl. family car to a Corvette.

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