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Digging Out A Basement?

I have a home built in 1919 and as most older homes the basement is unfinished but does have a cement floor not a dirt floor. We have radiater water supply pipes, expansion tanks and whatnot overhead and if you are six feet tall your bound to hit your head on something. In order to install a cieling and flooring you would only have about 5'6" I have heard that it is possible to dig out the basement floor to gain more head room. Does anyone know how this works? How much it may cost per Square foot to dig down about 3 feet? And how long it would take for about 1000 sq ft unfinished basement? Any info would be helpfull.

Timothy Miller
Re: Digging Out A Basement?

Howdy, The cost is usally so high that the idea soon wilts away.
Consider moving to a home with a basement instead of a large crawl space .

Re: Digging Out A Basement?

With 1919 construction there are way to many unknown variables to venture a guess. What kind and how deep is the footers for the basement walls? Digging down a couple of feet may require re doing the basement walls. It would probably be cheaper to add a 1000 sg. foot addition.

Re: Digging Out A Basement?

let's not be to hasty to nix the whole idea. some more info would be helpful first. what type of access is there to the basement? what's type of foundation? how many support columns? a few options might be to increase the headroom in say 80% of the basement and leave some of the other areas untouched. i definitely agree with jack where you might be opening a whole new can of worms but again, there's always a way to get the job done and get you most of what you want without breaking the bank. doing the entire basement wall to wall sounds like the extremely expensive way to go, but again, what do you want to use this space for and do you need all 1000 sq ft to be a regular height? an addition would probably be cheaper but let's continue to explore this a little. do you have any pics of the basement you can post here? and what do you want to use the space for?


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