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Dibiten roofing for flat roof

I have a flat roof with 1 x 8 boards and covered with tar and gravel. I just got a quote from a professional roofer to remove the tar and gravel and re-roof with Dibiten.

Since the 1x8 boards have spaces (½ to 3/4 inches between them) should a new surface such as plywood be installed before the Dibiten?

The online specs for Dibiten state "all exposed surface products must be coated" and then "Periodic maintenance and recoating"

Does this mean that I will need to regularly coat and maintain the Dibiten roof?

Finally, the roofer said that he would guaranty the new roof job for six years.

Why does the Dibiten web site say that the guaranty is "up to 20years" for "labor and material?"

Re: Dibiten roofing for flat roof

As long as the structural wood is not rotted you do not need to cover it over with plywood. However as a structural reinforcement you might want to add an additional layer of plywood depending on the framing etc...Also dust and debris will fall into the open gaps when the roof is being removed so if you already know these gaps exist then the area you are viewing the underside from must be accessible, or livable space?

The warranty probably differs depending on the spec used and property it's being installed on - commercial or residential? Also the contractor may only be giving you his warranty and not the manufacturers warranty. You only need to coat it if its a smooth membrane. A granular surface membrane does not require a coating.

Re: Dibiten roofing for flat roof

Can anyone help me? I have a guestion.

I had a screen room completely reroofed with Dibiten Poly/4.5 Granular approximately 300 square feet.

The contractor charged me:

$300. for plywood materials
$740. for roofing materials (used Dibiten poly 4.5)
$450. for labor.

Did I get ripped off?


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