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Re: Deteriorating cement board clapboards.

If you want to replace the damaged siding planks yourself, read about it on line and watch demonstrations on youtube.

It looks like you have a mold issue too, which you can treat with bleach. It will come back and you will have to stay on top of it.

Take care of these two problems, and you will have a very good looking entrance.

Re: Deteriorating cement board clapboards.

I was able to find a board with product code on the back. It definitely is Hardie Plank lap siding. All the sizes and color match. ON their site it says to maintain a 2"minimum clearance between the product and paths steps and driveways.
Still not sure how to flash this. I've been looking on line for some time trying to find info and or a video on this subject. Most of the flashing info concerns roofing. If someone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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Re: Deteriorating cement board clapboards.

For strength, we bend a bottom flange at the bottom to sit on the horizontal surface; it keeps it rigid. 1" is more than enough for the flange. You start at the bottom, as you would with a roof, which is so the next piece sheds water onto that below. Your stair riser would get a piece, then the next tread, etc. The stoop would be done with a continuous piece to the corner, which should return on the adjacent 90* wall by 2" so the piece on the door wall overlaps it. This is going to also help against water getting between the concrete and the walls. We did a house with Hardi shingle, and had the necessary stock of flashing made up in copper by our metal roofing guy.


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