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Desperate for replacement parts for vintage kitchen sink

I have a vintage kitchen sink, white porcelain over cast iron, single bowl, single drainboard, full apron on 3 sides, tall backsplash, wall mount. We use it in a seasonal cabin that has been in the family for 3 generations.
My plumber says that the drain area is deteriorating & that I'd need to get a new sink when that happens.
I think the plumber is just not familiar with vintage supply companies; when he replaced the faucet for my elderly mother years ago, he ordered one from a restaurant supply company.
The drain basket is deep and heavy, There is a small removable flat drain piece below the basket, that the basket will fit down on when turned to plug the drain. I think both items are brass.
The place in the drain that the flat drain piece seats on is deteriorating.
I have spent hours trying to find a replacement drain kit, but to no avail - lots of restoration/vintage sites, but replacement supplies are pretty much limited to bathroom fixtures.
Anyone out there have any idea where I might find what I need?
I do not want to give up this sink!

Re: Desperate for replacement parts for vintage kitchen sink

Are you describing something like this ? If not might I suggest you do a web image search for "kitchen sink basket strainer" and see if you can find yours pictured. If you know the size of the hole in the sink it shouldn't be hard to find a replacement strainer.

Re: Desperate for replacement parts for vintage kitchen sink

Thanks for your efforts.
: )
I need the small strainer that goes under the basket, and everything that it rests on, a drain kit.
The basket itself is brass, 2 - 3 inches deep, about 3 " diameter, no rubber stopper, in very good condition. I can't access my cabin to get an exact measurement & photo for another month.

I've tried every combination, both short and long, specific & general, of the following words:
vintage, farmhouse, kitchen, sink, drainboard, porcelain, over, cast iron, basket, drain, kit, replacement.
I've visited numerous sites, including Restoration Hardware, Renovator's Supply, The Sink Factory/Salvage, Toledo Architectural Artifacts, Affordable Antique Bath & More, recyclingthepast.com, Nor'East Architectural Salvage, New England Demolition & Salvage, Retro Renovation, Vintage Tub & Bath, Van Dyke's Restorers, Plumber Surplus, Plumbing Supply, deabath.com, The Find, Nextag, Yahoo, e-Bay, & Craigslist.
My next step is to send out a mass email to most of these places. Once I can access the cabin, I'm going to retrieve the basket and strainer under it and travel to places in my general area that display vintage drainboard sinks on their websites.
I've discovered a lot of sinks out there that are similar to mine, and can't believe that there aren't replacement kits somewhere!

Re: Desperate for replacement parts for vintage kitchen sink

As far as I know all kitchen sinks have a 3½" hole so any standard replacement strainer should work. Can you get a picture of what you are seeking? It may be impossible to get individual parts for a strainer manufactured by a company now out of business and you may have to replace the entire strainer unit.


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