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Desing Question

I have a room that is 10.5' x 11.0', concreate wall's, 3 windows dived in pairs. Now, this room is gonna become my bedroom and work office. I don't really want to buy a bed and a desk, perhap's what i like to do is build a bed (twin - i'm single) with a desk attach to it, with enough space to work; Put my LCD Monitor, my Tower PC, Printer, and space to write documents. I know it would be much easy to go by it, but i really like to do it my self. I got's to star working from home, why not do it from scrach and save some money? right? Thank's for all the help i can get.

Re: Desing Question

I had a friend that was in a similar situation. You know the nasty old dorm desk/bunks? With the desk and file cabinet (or perhaps couch) down below and the bed lofted above it?

Well they didn't it with these huge like 6x4 pieces of wood for the structure then stained it all the most wonderful color. It was an amazing take on a configuration that usually makes people shudder... I loved it so much I still dream about doing that in a guest room. Actually now that you mention it.. I have the same problem in my guest room, which is really an office with an air mattress that gets pulled out of the closet every once in a while.

If your ceiling is low and/or it would bother you to not have enough space above.. scoot the scale so you have more room up top and then position the desk so you don't have go very far under the bunk to get to the desk or put a couch, futon or maybe a set of drawers & cabinets for clothes below.

Take it the next step and get a sweet chandelier (target has some fun styles) to hang under the bed near the desk. Or run old fashioned, large bulb Christmas lights (still available in stores) for some really nice warm light.

Hope that helps!

Re: Desing Question

See if either one of these give you an ideas or hit Ikea http://www.ikea.com/us/en/search/?query=loft+bed+and+desk


A. Spruce
Re: Desing Question

Jack's plan is probably the best, though I would opt for at least a double bed for two reasons. One, it would allow for a deeper desk, which would facilitate all the electronics and hardware AND still give you space for working. In my office, I've put my computer monitor and tower on a tray in front of the desk so that the desk real estate is freed up for paperwork. It works great, there's no awkward sitting sideways to view the monitor, and I've got nearly my entire desk top for other things. The second reason to go with at least a double bed is that you'll be more comfortable in a bigger bed, which would also allow "company" from time to time.

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