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On-Demand Water Heating

I live in a modular/mobile home.
I currently have a gas water heater but would like to remove it and install an "on-demand" or tankless heater.
Some people have told me I cannot install it in my home.
Is there a reason or problem with modular/mobile homes?
I know that it must be outside vented and be readily accessible to the supply line.
Both these conditions exist now as my gas heater is on an outside wall and vented.
Can someone help me with this situation?Thank You

Re: On-Demand Water Heating

I'm not a plumber but I don't see any reason why you could not use this in a mobile home. It vents to the outside and gets its fresh air from the outside so no air is taken from inside the home. The vent pipe on mine is made of PVC so the exhaust gases are not that hot. I suppose the biggest issues would be if there was enough volume of gas at your home to run it. The tankless water heaters tend to have a very high BTU rating so they need to have a big enough gas supply. Also they are a little loud (at least in my experience) so being on the same level as the living area might be a little noisy unless it is really closed off. Your best bet is to check with the building inspector and your gas or propane company to be sure it is legal and do-able. Hope this helps you out.


Re: On-Demand Water Heating

I have a Titan elec tankless and love it. No venting is necessary. And I'm with the prev poster in that unless code says you can't use it that type of home I don't see the problem. You can always contact a manufacturer like Bosch or Titan.
Ray @ http://tanklesswaterheaters-howto.blogspot.com/

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