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On-Demand Water Heater: Gas or Electric

We plan to install a tankless water heater in our home. There currently isn't a gas line to the property but our plumber recommended a gas unit anyway, versus an electric one.

I've read various arguments and cannot decide if the gas units are worth the higher cost. Additionally, we have the initial effort of bringing in a gas line.

If you were me, which would you install?

Regarding our H20 needs: We live in the coastal Southeast, have 2.5 baths, and currently it's just my husband and me, but plan on children soon. Out of habit, I generally try not to run dishwasher/washing machine while showering.

Re: On-Demand Water Heater: Gas or Electric

Both present their own problems...you don't have a gas line, so you would have to get that installed in order to use the gas appliance...it probably is not going to be very cheap. For an electric unit, they require a very large amount of power...typically, I have seen them require (3) double pole 40A breakers to power the unit. If your home does not already have at leats a 200 main, you will likely have to upgrade...there being an expense probably equal to that of the new gas line.

Not knowing all of the specifics, if the plumber is saying to go with gas, that is probably your best bet based on your situation.

Bill Miller
Re: On-Demand Water Heater: Gas or Electric

What about Propane this way you save the cost of running the gas line from the street or nearest location to your home. Also typically from what I understand Hot Water on-demand via electric does nopt get as hot as gas fired hot water.

Re: On-Demand Water Heater: Gas or Electric

I will recommend the gas. The electric ones will not produce as much hotwater.

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