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Demand for Reclaimed "Oak" Victorian Staircase

My wife's old home place (which we rent out as 4 apartments) has a very massive and very ornate Golden Oak staircase, which I sometimes think that I would like to sell. If we did sell the staircase, we would simply quit renting out the 2 upstairs apartments. The house is alomost "downtown", and before too many years, the house will probably be torn down and we will sell the land to someone else (probably will then be used used as commercial property). I would like to know if there is much demand for the staircase and where could I get some idea of what it should be worth.

The staircase is very massive with (4) landings between the bottom floor and the upstairs. Still in excellent condition, has vever been painted. There are many spindles on the outside of the stairs and raised pannels wainscoting on the inside of the steps.

Also has tall fluted support post, closet under stairs, quilt bin with a hinged lide on the first landing, row of short spindels hanging from the ceiling all across the front, etc.

I feel that a staircase of this caliber could possiblely be one that someone may want to use as the focal point when building a new house. As in the gentleman's reply (3rd reply I receeived), this is certainly a piece of history, not just something generic that could be purchased at the store.

Just for the records, the house was build by a Civil War officer, a very prominent leader of our community and he established a local distillery which, through many years and new owners, is now one of the most famous brands of Kentucky bourbon know world wide.

Any help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Re: Demand for Reclaimed "Oak" Victorian Staircase

Personally I think a few quick dollars now may cost you dearly later. Don't forget you would have to replace the stairs to rent the apartments so you income off this would be limited. If you ever decide to sell as an historic home the value would be severely damaged by removal of the staircase.

Re: Demand for Reclaimed "Oak" Victorian Staircase

I completely agree with JLMCDANIEL. I would never carve it out for the mere fact you could sell it. Demand for things like that is generally small, but the amount of money they could fetch is huge. Sounds like you have one heck of a staircase. This is probably a decision you would regret later. It would more than likely crush your home value when reselling. If it's as amazing as you make it sound, I can easily see a serious rennovator with very deep pockets trying to track down whoever purchased it from you and recreating it or buying it back if possible.


This poster was looking for a stair case.

Re: Demand for Reclaimed "Oak" Victorian Staircase

From the description, I'd think dimensional specs of the stair would more likely encourage someone to design a house, if not around but inclusive of that stairway. Particularly now when American Heritage architecture is getting so difficult to find.

You could make it easier, but certainly not necessary, by providing level to level and dimension specs.

Request the bidder to provide the replacement. This is not a generic stair here, this is history. A stair of that size could only cost a 2-3 thousand to replace structurally.

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