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Dehumidifier making basement too dry?

I bought a second dehumidifier several month ago for my basement because 1 was not enough to maintain the humidity for the entire basement. I've had the humidifiers set on "continuous" for several months (rather than a set humidity), but was wondering if that might cause issues with the air being too dry. In other words, will the floor joists or subfloor on the first floor (basement ceiling) shrink and/or crack if they are too dry? I just started noticing in the morning when I get up the floor creaks a lot more, but after walking on the floor for a while, it doesn't creak anymore. Is this because the wood shrinks when the air is less humid? The house was built in the early 50's and has pine floor joists with tongue-and-groove boards for the subfloor. I live in New England so the humidity level changes throughout the year.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Re: Dehumidifier making basement too dry?

Can anyone help me? :(

Re: Dehumidifier making basement too dry?

Typical humidity in the winter in a home is about 30-40%. In the summer it's about 60-65%. Have you measured the humidity in the basement?

Yes dry air will cause floors, doors and windows to shrink and in the summer they swell. Overtime some cracking is normal but you can limit this effect by keeping a controlled humidity level in your house (as best as possible).

Check out the section on Indoor Humidity:


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