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Dehumidifier freezes up

I am not sure what categotry you put this under.

Anyway, I have a deh. in the basemant that has worked just fine (45 pint from sears.). NOw it wants to freeze up. Have to unplug and let thaw, and then restart. It has a periodic 3 hour on and 3 off, but not sure if this gives it peak moisture removal powers. Thought about putting it on a timer. What is going on here? Thanks in advance.

Rodney H
Re: Dehumidifier freezes up

Usually freezing up is caused by lack of air movement. Get your air compressor, and blow air through the entire cooling grille. Sounds to me like the entire unit is so dirty, the air cannot flow through it, resulting in freeze up. Air conditioners will do the same thing, if there is not sufficient air flow.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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Re: Dehumidifier freezes up

I also have a dehumidifier in my basement that was freezing up. After reading through the manual for it I found out that if it's run at a temperature of about 65 deg F or less it's prone to freezing and this was exactly what was happening. So long as it's run above 65 deg I haven't had a problem. Check your owners manual and temperature of your basement see if that's a possibility.

I had thought about the timer idea as well when this was going on :).


Re: Dehumidifier freezes up

I agree with Mark.

Re: Dehumidifier freezes up

If it is not that it could be low on refrigerant, hope this helps.

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