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Dehumidifier - Is Commercial Quality Too Much

Our basement (@2,200 sq ft) is separated doen the middle by a wall. One side is semi-finished. The other is a dirt crawlspace about 4' high. There is a screen door about 3' x 3' allowing airflow between the two spaces. We're planning to do a plastic encapsulation of our dirt crawlspace floor. The contractor suggests we replace our old dehumidifier with a commercial quality one that handles @ 90 pints a day. They offer a $1,450 model. In researching online I see that this model is only sold by basement finishers, making me think it's a repackage of another make. In fact, I found another make with the same specs for $1,080 incl shipping/insurance. My question is this: how can I tell how much dehumidifier I really need? The basement has a slight mustiness and moisture but it's not overwhelming; in fact I'm thinking the encapsulation will knock the slight odor down further. I'm thinking that a $250-$300 retail model might be more than sufficient. I've flagged one that handles 75 pints per day. I'm thinking of first giving this a try and if things don't work out I can move this unit to another part of the house and buy the commercial unit. Our current unit is really old so I think a replacement would be energy efficient and needed. There's a drain hose from the unit and all the upgrades we're considering would have this so that we're not dumping accumulated water all the time. Thanks for whatever thoughts you can share on this.

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