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dedicated circuit for fridge?

Just purchased a new to me 60s rancher and the fridge is running off a counter top outlet. Should it be on a dedicated circuit?

Re: dedicated circuit for fridge?

You betcha ................

Re: dedicated circuit for fridge?

Does it have to be? no, Should it - yes.

When the fridge starts to cycle on it draws a fairly high amp load which can easily make lights dim and do not-so-nice things to sensitive electronics.

Besides, dedicated outlets for major appliances are a very nice touch. If you have the opportunity to do so, yes, yes, yes.:D

Re: dedicated circuit for fridge?

Another point, if any of the wiring for the kitchen has been brought up to code, the counter-top outlets are GFCI protected. A refrigerator out let does not require GCFI protection, and you don't want a tripped GFCI to cause your refrigerator to be shut off when full of food.


Re: dedicated circuit for fridge?

All good answers and to echo Jack, refrigerators and freezers in unfinished basements must now be GFCI protected. Bad idea IMO, especially if they are hand-me-downs that have high leakage to ground.

Good luck from Wilsonville, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: dedicated circuit for fridge?

Food prices are at all time high. Protect your investment, and have your fridge on a dedicated circuit.

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