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Deck tiles over existing deck?

We have a deck above grass in our back yard and it doesn't look so good and my young son keeps getting splinters when playing. It is still very sturdy though. I have seen treated decking tiles that you can buy 20x20 that have a clicking/locking system and you attach to an existing deck. I am looking for something that is a quick and safe easy fix. Has anyone had any experieince with something like this? Does this seem like something that would hold up until we are ready to replace our decking? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
Kate in Mass

Re: Deck tiles over existing deck?

I am not sure which tiles you are talking about but you will want to be careful of changing the elevation of th deck in relation to the stairs. For example if you have a run of 8 steps with a 7" rise and then the last step onto the tiled deck is at 8" you are going to cause a tripping hazard. Another option you have is that green outdoor carpet. I had the same problem a few years ago with splinters and had to do an emergency fix and this worked great.

Hope this helps.

Re: Deck tiles over existing deck?

Hey folks,was just browsing replies to deck surface fixes.I want to astroturf my splintery death deck.Structurally its fine my baby girl wont like it soon.I noticed 'Safari' said that he layed "green outdoor carpet" on his deck.How did you fasten it ,glue,staples etc...??????
Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks Crikey

Re: Deck tiles over existing deck?

Deck tiles are very expensive, you can knock off the old deck boards cheaper than you can replacing them with deck tiles. A new deck cost $ 11.00 a square foot. and deck tiles are about $ 9.00 a square foot. Problem is the cupping in the old deck boards will not allow the deck tiles to snap together properly. If you had concrete I'd say go for it. One other thing you can do is paint the deck. Kinda molds all the splinters together. How long that will last no idea.

Re: Deck tiles over existing deck?

I used astroturf as a stopgap when my kids were small. I just stapled it at the edge as needed to keep it from blowing up. At the stair I nailed down an alum stair nosing to hold the carpet in place & to keep from tripping. I had it down for many years.
The only issues I had with it was that it took a while to dry after a rain. It would collected dirt over the winter & maple tree flowers, but hosing or powerwashing removed the crud.
It feels fairly cool even when in the sun. It may not look as nice as Ipe, but a whole lot cheaper. Little knees don't mind it.

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