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Deck platform

I am building a 6'x10' platform for a deck and constructing it before i atach it to the house would it be ok to glue and screw the joists to the stringer instead of useing joist hangers. i am also planing on painting/staining it before i assable it do i need to leave stot were glue will be bare wood or not. i know this sounds different puting it toghter before attaching it to house but thats what i want to do. any help would be nice THANKS WALLY

Re: Deck platform

I'm curious to know how you're going to do it, since you don't want to follow the conventional way of building it.

Glue and nails/screws are only good for a display unit. In reality, if you do it this way, don't allow anybody to walk on it...

Now as far as painting/staining - you can do that anytime.

Re: Deck platform

I have done this before without joist hangers, this way.

Near the bottom of the inside of the rim joist, that was one size larger than the joists, I glued (construction adhesive) and screwed, a 2 x 2 (pressure treated of course). I was sure to let the glue dry for a day before continuing.

I then set the joists on top of the 2 x 2, against the rim joist after applying construction adhesive to the end of the joists. I used 3 weather resistant (e.g. for treated lumber) 3" screws through the rim joist and into the end grain of the joist. This has held for 10 years with no problems.

Is this strong enough for my purposes (a 7' span)? I think so. Is this the best way, probably not. I would use hangers instead of the 2x2 now, but still the adhesive and screws through the end of the joists.


Re: Deck platform

You should check with your local building department if what you're proposing will be allowed. They will also be interested in how the deck is supported & how it is attached to the house. Perhaps you are trying to keep the building dept. out of it.
Also, have you figured out how much a 6' x 10' platform will weigh & if you can lift it & hold it in place. Joist hangers are used so extensively today, I don't see a reason not to use them. Even before joist hangers, I've only heard of nails, not screws being used. The glue in my opinion will be useless in holding a joist to a rim board.
Staining can be done any time. I would not recommend paint on a deck.

Re: Deck platform

ed is right about using construction adhesive.. in an exterior use it will lose its bond after time. as for the setting the joists you pretty much have to use hangers unless your able to through nail. through the ribbon into the ends of the joists even then some inpsectors wont let this pass unless the joist is bearing on a beam on that end

Re: Deck platform

If this a ground level deck then you certainly can end nail or screw the joists without hangers. If it's a raised deck you would be better off with using hangers ( as ed said --- why wouldn't you ? ) , besides you may be required to by local codes.

John mentioned the use of 2x2's ( ledger strip ) was used back in the day before hangers came along --- though 2X4's were used ( puesdo hanger ). This usually required notching the joists though --- unless you use a larger rim joist or beam than the joist .

There are times when I've built the frame on the ground first --- set it in place --- fill in with joists and decking after.
As ed also mentioned --- a fully finished deck will be heavy to move into place --- especially if it's a raised deck.

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