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Deck Help Please? Stain or paint?

I have recently added 150 square feet to my wood deck. I have completed the deck and am deciding on stain or paint? I purchased the house a year ago. I think the previous owner had once applied a stain to the deck. Since I am on a budget and the origianal deck boards are in good shape, but very oxidized. So now I have new deck boards with old deck boards. I am concerned if I stain I will have trouble matching the new and the old. Also I was told not to do anything to the new boards til next spring.

I live in the northeast and get plenty of snow and moisture.
Can someone please recomend whether I should paint or stain?
Also is there any new types of applications for wooden decks?

Re: Deck Help Please? Stain or paint?

In my opinion stain would be a better option than paint.
On a flat deck with traffic I feel paint won't hold up to the conditions.

For what it's worth.:)

Re: Deck Help Please? Stain or paint?

I agree, my problem is trying to match the stain to the old deck boards, and with the new?

Re: Deck Help Please? Stain or paint?

I agree with the stain. Mind you, I really perfer the look myself and less maintenance the better.

As for the new wood vs weathered wood, I came across the same problem when I rebuilt / added to my deck last month. In the end I replaced all the decking on the old part. Long story.
But before I did this, I found (didn't try) several products to clean the wood prior to new staining/water proofing. The cleaner and a pressure washer should bring the wood back to life to an extent. You will want to give it a good cleaning before anyway, so its worth a shot.

Re: Deck Help Please? Stain or paint?

You say stain but you may mean a stain/sealer. You'll need to seal the wood somehow, no matter whether you stain/seal or paint.

The paint will be a maintainence thing for you. It'll get scuffed and chipped and need to be re-done periodically. The stain with a sealer on top may last longer, visually and keep the maintenance down.

Matching stains is a bit of an art and you'll end up with lots of little cans in your garage or basement. If you're lucky, you could take a sample piece of one of the stained boards, to a good paint store where someone knowledgeable might be able to help you. I know when I've had this problem on furniture, I've taken either a picture or a wood sample (along with an untreated/stained piece of the new wood) down to my local Rockler store and the guy there would actually open some cans and we could try it out on the new wood and hold it up to the old/stained wood for matching purposes.

I'd vote for stain and a separate sealer rather than wood.

Good Luck.

Re: Deck Help Please? Stain or paint?

I would pressure clean the deck befofe use a product call x-180

its a occacil acid that would remove the weathering on the old board then look in a darker transparent stain or a semi transparent.

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