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deck footings

I dug a hole for a deck footing and found ground water around 3 1/2 deep. what is the best approach to putting in concrete footings in this situation?

Re: deck footings

if your just asking how to fill it you can do one of two things, you can buy bags of ready mix and mix it yourself in a wheel barrow, or you can order concrete and get it delivered in a truck.

deck footing tubes will usually take around 15 bags of concrete, if you have several to fill a truck is much quicker and you will get a far more consistant mix

Re: deck footings

everyones a comedian lol, hopefully canuk or a spruce dont get in on it

A. Spruce
Re: deck footings
jkirk wrote:

everyones a comedian lol, hopefully canuk or a spruce dont get in on it

That hurts man, that really hurts ... ;):p

Skip, something like this may work well for you.

The question is, how deeper do you have to go, and how quickly does the hole fill with water? You could bail or pump the water out before pouring the concrete. If necessary, elongate your footing hole so that you can set the form and have a reservoir on one side to catch the water and keep it away from the footing while the concrete is being set. Once the concrete is in, the water won't be an issue.

Leo Hake
Re: deck footings

Dug down 3 1/2 what? Feet? Inches? What about the holes for the other footings? Did you run into groundwater there as well?

Where are you and what is the site location like?

How much water are you talking about, instantly flooded or steady seepage?

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