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Deck Covering

my deck currently has a rubber membrane that has started leaking. it is at least 18 years old and was topped with indoor-outdoor carpeting. one contractor has recommended using polyurea as a replacement and another is wanting to do the rubber membrane thing. this deck is approx 2200 sq feet and covers my (3) carports, so not leaking is the desired effect. the current structure is a regular frameout with plywood subflooring. a neighbor has a deck done with concrete and said it would not be his choice if done again. what would be a good, reliable, non-leaking, affordable solution? any idea of what is a reasonable cost for NW Arkansas? tired of getting water on my stuff.


Re: Deck Covering

Dec Tec or another brand will work for you. It is a waterproof vinyl sheet system that is designed for walking traffic, porch furniture etc. It is a glue down, heat weldable system(the seams are welded with a special heat gun about $400 for the gun alone. I put down this decking system on one of the porches of my five story 98 year old apartment building last summer and it came through the winter fine. It is also easily repairable if someone penetrates the membrane. It is fairly expensive, about $2000 to 2500 for a 76 inch by 100 foot roll of membrane. Their proprietary glue and heat weldable drains, heat weldable termination bars are also fairly expensive but it does work and you can do it yourself or hire someone. You can look these systems up online and some of the websites even have a video of the application process.

Re: Deck Covering

i had a contractor recommend Dec Tec but hadn't yet seen him when i posted this question. looks like good stuff but it will be costly. Am still looking at/for other options.


Thanks for the info,that is really help.

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