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deck construction questions

I'm building a deck attached to the back of my house. I'm new to this. I have a couple important questions.
First, I've seen on different web sites that instruct you to install the ledger first, then attach the rim joist. Other sites show attach the rim joist first, then the ledger over top the edge of the bracket installed for the rim joist. Which is true?
Second, what is the best method to put together the two pieces for the rim joist, wood screws (how many), bolts?
Third, some web sites show the outmost double joist that attaches to the support posts mounted one on each side of the 6x6 bolted through. Other sites show the double joist bolted on the same side then through the post. Some sites say you should notch the 6x6 for one of the 2x12 and then put the doubled joist on that side. What is the real engineering answer.
Fourth, should the rim joist be bolted or screwed into the support post?

OK....help please!


Re: deck construction questions

first thing first. attach the ledger to the house. this way you have a fixed point to square things off of and establish the height of the beam

there are several ways to set up the beam. i typically set a 3 ply beam which the joists sit on. once the beam is set you can start setting joists but dont worry about cutting them to lenght first. once their all in place then you can snap a line across them so the ribbon will be deadly straight

Re: deck construction questions

Jkirk got the order right. But here is the thing: you may need to pull a permit. Every inspector would like to see: (a) how deep and how you set your posts. (b) how you attach the ledger to the house, the lug bolts you use and if they go into the studs... From here it's smooth sailing.

Youtube is great, but it's not an authority for your specific situation. Visit your building department and find out about their codes. You see, any structure that allows people to walk on, must be sturdy enough to carry the weight and that's why the building department wants to look at it first. Another reason could be their intent to raise your property tax.

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