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Deck Board Direction

My current decking boards are placed on the diagonal to the house. I need to replace the entire top and think that if the boards run perpendicular to the house that it will be much easier to replace. Is this ever done? I think the usual is parallel to the house but I would rather not do that as it extends for about 30 feet along the house. Opinions please!:)

Re: Deck Board Direction

Depending on how your joists are run it may or may not be a good idea. If the joists are parallel to the house...could be done, it they are perpendicular to the house...not a good idea.

Re: Deck Board Direction

running the boards perpidicular to the joists is the standard, most decks the joist come off the house but can change in direction based on the layout and design of the deck

as for doing a herring bone design (angle)it does get done, not nearly as often. the bad thing about it is the joists need to be closer together to make up for the boards running on an angle creating more span, it takes more time, and there is much more waste

Re: Deck Board Direction

If the house settles more than the posts at the outside of the deck, then perpendicular boards would direct water back toward the house instead of away. As long as the boards slant downward as the go away from the house, then perpendicular is fine.

Running boards parallel to the wall will not direct water back to the house, only to the edge of that board.

If you are not replacing the joists, than that will dictate the direction of the deck boards more than anything else.

Re: Deck Board Direction

I agree, check out the joist direction/s and take it from there.
If the perpendicular boards lean toward the house then a good drainage system would be needed for when the water reaches the end of the planks.

Re: Deck Board Direction

Thanks everybody! Of course, I wrote before finishing my morning coffee and didn't even think about the joists already being pendicular to the house. I will go ahead and replace the boards on the diagonal, as they have been.

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