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Hi All
I am trying determine the best way to put a deck in my back yard. I seen some info on "floating" decks that do not have posts that are set in concrete. I live in northern Virgina outside of Washington DC and I wonder if these floating decks would survive the temperature changes from summer to winter. Thanks in advance for your idea and suggestions.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Deck

Are you asking about the pre-formed concrete blocks (piers) that you dig a hole and set the base of it in (and back fill around it) then using a metal plate type connector on the top of it (the pier) and bolts you secure the base of a wood post to it? OR putting the posts on a preformed pad? OR going with a beam on pre-formed piers, blocks, or pad (skipping the posts for a lower to grade deck)? OR no piers, blocks or pads at all? OR beams on FLOATS (like a floating deck or dock)? OR something altogether different?

Re: Deck

I had a couple of decks like you're talking about, when I lived north of Atlanta. They were just 4x4s sitting on top of pre-cast piers. One of them had nothing between the wood post and the concrete pier and the other one had some anchors that were set in the piers while the concrete was wet. The 4x4 slipped into the anchor and was loose. It could have been nailed through the sides of the anchor but wasn't. Both systems did fine in the weather. Whichever way you use, try to make sure there's no way water will collect around the bottom of the post, like it would if you set the post in wet concrete. The water would rot the post.

Good Luck.

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