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Deadbolt installation in basement door

Hi I have a problem that maybe someone has encountered. I really would like to put in a regular deadbolt lock in my basement door but my contractor says it may not be possible and we should use a surface mount lock instead. To help you out in your advice to me our house is 48 years old and the basement walls are not built to todays standard so they are not real thick where the door frame is. So my contractor says that there will be no place on the concrete for special concrete screws to fasten since the door frame is so close to the edge of the concrete wall.
My thought is perhaps steel or some other material could be placed there and then the latch could be placed on the steel and the latch for the lock could go through that.
Anyone else have any other ideas? Perhaps you had the same problem and know exactly what to do. Thanks for your help!:)

Re: Deadbolt installation in basement door

what size door is in the opening. my only recommendation is to replace the door with a smaller unit. then you can build in the opening to make it smaller using 2x6. anchor the 2x6 to the concrete with expansion anchors. when you install the door. drill through the predrilled hole which accepts the bolt from the deadbolt.drill into the 2x6 which will create a pocket for the bolt and allows for properly fastening the striker

A. Spruce
Re: Deadbolt installation in basement door

If I'm reading you properly, the issue is that the strike screws won't have purchase.

Depending on the amount of security you need, you could install a security strike plate, which is much longer and should allow better anchoring into the concrete with at least two of the screws. If you want more than that, then I would suggest installing something along the lines of a 1x on the face of the wall next to the door jamb with a metal strap over the top of it. This will beef up the strike region quite well and give a place for the strike screws to have purchase.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do to the door, it's only going to keep the honest people out.

Re: Deadbolt installation in basement door

Hi thanks for the advice. In answer to your question the door is 32 inches wide so making it smaller I don't think would be a good idea as we have a hard time getting things in and out of the basement as it is right now. Not a bad idea though if the door were wider.
The big issue is having long enough screws for the door frame plate and it being secure enough so no one can break in easily. We did have a surface mount lock on the door that was no longer functioning but really would rather have a regular dead bolt lock if at all possible. Thanks for your advice!:)

Re: Deadbolt installation in basement door

I would like to thank everyone who replied to my post. I think I solved my own problem. I bought a product I found on the internet called the Strikemaster II Pro at HomeDepot.com . It is essentially a long strike plate and has real long screws. Well I still had the same dilemma how to install it or at least have someone install it for me as I eventually did. So I called the manufacturer up and a representative from the company told me to use lead concrete anchors and to have them inset. Well not ever having put in any kind of lock in a basement door myself I did call in a professional handyman I have known for years and he installed it for me. With the new deadbolt I already had and the installation of the Strikemaster II pro it only took my handyman about an hour to install it. Basically it makes the jamb at the door stronger and harder to kick in. Something I worry about especially with it being a basement door. I have heard that there are other brands out there and can't say anything about them but do think the Strikemaster II Pro is well made. If you have a similar problem with your basement door you might want to look into it. Thanks again everyone!:)

Re: Deadbolt installation in basement door

Unfortunately in today’s world of high levels of house break-ins, a deadbolt installation is imperative for the protection of your family and property. A deadbolt installation on your doors to gain a measure of security and protection for your family and personal belonging is an easy DIY project. Make your home safe and protect your property by installing deadbolts on your doors, providing additional security for your family and property.

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