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Dangerously Deep Swimming Pool

I have just purchased a house that has a deep unground concrete swimming pool.
The pool is 13' x 17'; shallow side is 5.5' and deep side is 7.5'!

it has two problems:
1- It is to deep for my kids
2- The transition zone is dangerously short.

since it is a small pool, I want to bring it up on both sides to 4.5'
What is the best way to achieve that? pour in concrete to bring it up to 4.5'? Use concrete blocks? Other idea?

Re: Dangerously Deep Swimming Pool

You'll need to re-build your pool, meaning: re-frame, install new rebars, re-gunite, replaster and refinish - just like the original pool.

Call pool construction companies/contractors for estimates. And make sure you have a fence around the pool that meets code.

Re: Dangerously Deep Swimming Pool

You cannot just fill in the low spot with ceement as it would;

1- weigh far too much which can cause the bottom of the pool to fail
2- would create a lot of heat while curing, thus potential cracking of the old pool parts
3- would shrink as it cures allowing water to get between the layers

A. Spruce
Re: Dangerously Deep Swimming Pool

As has been pointed out, you can't just modify a pool, you will need to consult with pool installers to figure out what your options are in that respect, including a security fence around the pool. A fence may or may not be code in your area, but it is a good idea, especially if you've got small children.

Now, something along these lines may be a possibility. You are only limited by your bank account.



MLB Construction
Re: Dangerously Deep Swimming Pool

they make a grid system for pools. i have no idea who makes them but the gym where my daughters take swimming lessons have it. they can make one end of the pool go from 5.5' to as little as 1' deep. now this is an adjustable grid platform which i assume would cost a pretty penny but i don't see why you couldn't have one "somewhat" permanently installed at a much cheaper price and i assume it would be considerably cheaper than rebuilding an entire pool.


Re: Dangerously Deep Swimming Pool

Thank you all for your replies; after reading my what I have written again it seems like I was implying that I am going to do it myself; I am definitely not! I just wanted to know what are my options!

The moving floor seems a great Idea but after quick look, it looks like it would be difficult to retrofit it on an existing pool... Need to read more about it.

as for the grid system, I was only able to find examples on huge olympic swimming pools; I couldn't find a local contractor that would accept a small pool like mine (without charging a fortune)

Re: Dangerously Deep Swimming Pool

I think it's possible to retrofit a vinyl liner to a concrete pool. If so, they could fill the pool with sand to the desired depth, and the liner would go in. The sand would never be completely dry, and the bottom drain would have to be modified. I cannot imagine that no-one has ever done this kind of thing. Early pools were often ridiculously deep, like 16 x 20 and 12 feet deep for diving. I supposedly have one of them in my back yard, filled in ages ago.

Re: Dangerously Deep Swimming Pool

At the risk of sounding like a smart ass, I'd advise getting the kids down to the YMCA for swimming lessons. There are actually swimming lessons for infants who can't even walk yet! Healthy kids who can swim aren't going to drown. If they hit their head and become unconscious, they can drown in 3 inches of water!

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