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Danger, Will Robinson

My house, built on a concrete slab, doesn't have a ground wire! What is the easiest way to ground the electricity???( If there is such a thing as an easy way to do this!!!):o

Re: Danger, Will Robinson

This is definitely one for a licensed electrician. There are options for installing a ground that don't involve tearing up your walls, but you want to get a professional opinion.

Re: Danger, Will Robinson

Are you absolutely sure it doesn't have a ground wire? I can't imagine a house that has been built on a slab that doesn't have one. Just because you have two prong plugs instead of three prong, doesn't mean that there isn't a ground wire. Have an electrician inspect it for you.

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Re: Danger, Will Robinson

i'm sorry but there's no way i can believe that your electrical system is not grounded...

do as kieth said, have an electrician look at it

Re: Danger, Will Robinson

I wonder if the OP means he doesn't have ground rods. If he has a slab they may have used the rebar in the slab for a ground.

A quick look in the SE panel could settle the issue.

Re: Danger, Will Robinson

Is your wiring in conduit?

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