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Can someone help me? It's late April and with the recent warmth here in SE Pennsylvania, my front lawn looks terrible. It actually looks like I can grow Dandelions as a cash crop! I had a similar problem last year and I laid down a weed killer. I'm not sure if I laid it down too late but they all disappeared. I don't know if it was from my weed killer or just the time of year.

Anyway, they're back and worse than ever. And they've migrated to my backyard. I just laid down some of the Scott's Turf-Builder with weed control. I followed the directions to the letter and it doesn't seem to be working.


Re: Dandelions

I know you said you followed the directions, but since you don't think it is working I will reiterate the process as I believe it should be.
To kill actively growing dandelions the grass needs to be wet so the fertilizer sticks to the weeds. You must use the proper setting on your spreader which will be printed on the fertilzer bag. It cannot rain for at least 24 hours and you should stay off the grass for at least 24 hours so the fertilizer will stay on the weeds. I also believe the grass should be freshly mowed and not mowed again for at least several days.

If you followed everything I just typed and after a week you don't see any improvment I would go to a local nurseery or garden center and ask for some advice on other methods.

Good luck!

Re: Dandelions

Good points Eric...I am having problems with my weeds. I appreciate the help!

Re: Dandelions

Or you could do what the woman who used to own my house did... she actually dug the weeds out of the front yard by hand (front yard is about 1/2 acre). It took a couple years after a moved in for the weeds to start getting serious. I used the ol' weed & feed.

Of course, you could also do what a neighbor of my brother does - he rigged up a little propane torch, made and soldered a holder onto his tractor, and when he comes upon weeds, he just whips out the little torch and lights 'em up! :D

Now, what about a yard with a dog in it? What can be safely used there? :confused:

Plug One
Re: Dandelions

Corn Gluten Meal: google U of Iowa and Corn Gluten Meal .. if you are interested in using weed killers that aren't poisoning the environments in which we all happen to reside.

Some 'hog feeds' are made of Corn Gluten Meal (make sure this is the case), and the pellets can be similar in size as to what you'd buy for your lawns at a garden center worth it's mulch .. except the hog feed is in a larger bag and a fraction of the garden center price. Write directions for application/volume of use from those garden center bags, then go buy that properly sized corn gluten meal hog feed and apply to your lawn ... stick with it for a few years. Don't spread corn gluten meal in other planting areas as this can inhibit plant growth with plants you actually want to grow.

When applying to lawn, make oinking sounds, wear double barreled beer hat w/sunglasses. Let the good times roll baby!!!

Re: Dandelions

If you don't mind using chemicals, a hose-end sprayer works well. The one I use holds undiluted 2,4-D and adjusts the application with a number dial. You can cover the entire lawn quickly, and even hit the weeds you don't see.

But if your neighbors are like mine, I sometimes wonder why I bother!

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