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Damaged wood behind doorlatch plate

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I have a problem with the wooden box behind a new 3 7/8" x 7/8" strike plate for a door latch. There are so many screw holes from previous strike plates that the wood is gutted out at bottom with virtually none left to place screw. I have heard about fixing this problem with a golf tee. Does anyone know how? Please give instructions with/without illustrations to show how. I know I'm not the only one with this problem.
Much appreciated,

Ron remodeler
Re: Damaged wood behind doorlatch plate

You can fill screw holes with Elmer's or Titebond wood glue and a whittled pine sliver made to fit snugly and allowed to dry.
A golf tee may be too hard and too big and split things.

Re: Damaged wood behind doorlatch plate

You can use golf tee's I use them quite often. Either way put glue on what ever you use and install the strike plate back with the same size head diameter screws but longer.
Take a bar of soap and wipe the threads on the screws,they will go into the wood much easier.

Re: Damaged wood behind doorlatch plate

You can remove all the hardware & fill with wood putty. Make sure it's completely dry, sand & stain/paint/shellac & replace hardware.

Should be good as new.

A. Spruce
Re: Damaged wood behind doorlatch plate

I prefer using round wooden toothpicks or custom cut wood slivers and glue. Same process as Gizmo and Ron, just faster/easier because of size and availability to most folks.

One further step, once the glue is dry (30 - 60 minutes for yellow wood glue ), predrill the new hole for the screw. Select a drill bit that is the size of the shank of the screw. The shank is the "meat" of the screw. Hold a drill bit parallel and in front of the screw and choose the one that only lets you see the threads.

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