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Damaged Drywall Behind Shower Tiles

I have a relatively new house (2004 construction) where I was having some mildew problems in the shower. It's a fiberglass pan with tiled walls and glass enclosure. Turns out, the tile was installed directly on green drywall which was fastened directly to the studs. The bottom 6" or so of drywall was in pretty bad shape, but a couple feet up the wall seems to not be so bad. Even though the drywall looks pretty good, the back paper is a different color than I've seen before. It looks much too uniform to be mold and the drywall isn't damp up at this level, so I was just wondering if anyone could assure me that this is just a certain type/brand of drywall and how it's supposed to look, or if it may have been affected by water. The drywall on the other side of the studs is typical brown. Please see the pictures at the links below. Thanks.



Re: Damaged Drywall Behind Shower Tiles

The dark coloring is common to GreenBoard on the back side. As long as it isn't falling apart, you're OK

Re: Damaged Drywall Behind Shower Tiles

Greenboard, although standard many years back should NOT be used in a shower wet area unless covered by a sheet membrane such as Nobelseal or Kerdi.

Re: Damaged Drywall Behind Shower Tiles

He is correct. GB has not been a stand-alone allowable tile substrate in wet areas. What I meant was ; as long as the shower isn't falling apart there isn't much to worry about mold. Eventually it will fail as the lower tiles will fall off the wall, but you'll see that coming.

Re: Damaged Drywall Behind Shower Tiles

To get rid of the mildew once and for all, re-do the walls, this time do it right.

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