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Dallis Grass all over! How can I get rid of it?


I recently bought a house here in Sacramento, CA. I have a 40x40' backyard that the previous owner neglected. For the most part it's in okay shape, but as the topic suggests, I have a big problem with dallis grass! It covers probably 1/4 to 1/3 of the whole lawn. Most of it grows in one area, but there are a few patches in other spots plus individual bunches dotted around.. I'm reaching a point of desperation! :(

I've looked around ****** for various advice on removing it, but it doesn't seem like someone in my situation has hope?

So far, I have tried:
1. Mowing the dallis grass very short repeatedly, but it just came back
2. Spraying the entire lawn with "Safe for lawn weed killer", which I have done three times with no effect on the stuff at all.

So, I finally resorted to using RoundUp on a few bunches to see how it would work, and sure enough it killed them (at least the blades, the roots/rhizomes are another matter). However, I'm left with a big dead mound, which I don't think my regular grass will overgrow. So I pulled a couple up, but was a huge effort and there were still huge rhizomes down deep which I don't know if they'll just come back. And the result is a crater.

While this could work for the individual bunches dotted around, I don't see this working for the patches or the largest area (we're talking 100+ sq feet). So, while nuking everything with RoundUp might surely kill all of it off, it's not as if my grass will naturally grow in, because the dead dallis grass still leaves a big, tightly-bunched mounds.

Do I have any options here? Do I have to throw my hands up and hire a lawn care service to just nuke my whole back yard? Any help or advice would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!!

Re: Dallis Grass all over! How can I get rid of it?

I have the same problem with bamboo. The stuff is nearly impossible to kill. I've used antifreeze, gas or other combinations that reduced this "wicked" stuff. However, the rhizomes produces like rabbits. If you break off a rhizome and it falls back into the soil, you've have started the whole cycle all over again. I got desparate. I eradicated it by using a bobcat and digging down about six feet below the surface to remove all possible roots / rhizomes and be careful not let a broken rhizomes fall back into the hole. Afterwards, pour all kinds of weed kill products to kill any seedlings of any type in the hole and refill the holes with fresh new soil. If you can find a better method, please let us know.

Re: Dallis Grass all over! How can I get rid of it?

Most effective treatment I have found for Dallas grass in my yard is the Santa Claus solution.... HOe, HOe, HOe.

Do not attempt to mulch but get this off the premises.

Re: Dallis Grass all over! How can I get rid of it?

Thank you for the replies! What is HOe, an herbicide? Is there anything else I can do?? :(

Re: Dallis Grass all over! How can I get rid of it?

from Wiki...

A hoe is an agricultural tool used to
agitate the surface of the soil around plants, to remove weeds
pile soil around the base of plants. (hilling);
create narrow furrows (drills) and shallow trenches for planting seeds and bulbs;
generally dig and move soil (e.g. harvesting potatoes), and chop weeds, roots and crop residues.

As you hoe the Dallas grass out, suggest working along the borders of the grass you wish to keep so it can spread into the open spots and cover before Dallas grass reseeds.

Re: Dallis Grass all over! How can I get rid of it?

We feel your pain! we are on the east coast and have CRAB GRASS EVERYWHERE! I never thought I would go crazy over a lawn problem but it is getting more difficult every year. It will take over our flower gardens and vegetable gardens thru the spring and summer. We don't want to kill our perennials since we have worked so hard to get them this far and the lawn is out of control too. PLEASE help!!!!!

Re: Dallis Grass all over! How can I get rid of it?

Along with the hoe, consider spot treatment with Round-Up or like. Of course, after this you should still hoe the Dallas grass out to give good grass easier time to spread in.

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