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Daisy chain or splitters

In the old days, analog TV and a VCR, I daisy chained the antenna through the VCR then to the TV. Now with two DVR's, a DVD recorder (w/tuner) and a converter box (for the old DVR), I'm using a 4 way splitter, but each port has about an 8dB attenuation through it. Sometimes I get some signal breakup, especially on the DVR's.

When I installed the new antenna amplifier in the attic, I tried daisy chaining them together and bypassing the splitter but I got no signal. Instead of troubleshooting the problem, I just hooked up the splitter again. The next day, I noticed that the DVR's had a button that had to be pushed to get analog pass through.

Has anyone done a comparison of daisy chaining vs splitter?

I did install new higher quality coax cables and that helped with the breakup of the signal. It seemed that I was getting bad reception with 90+% signal strength. My daughter was getting a perfect picture at 60% so I figured the cheap coaxes that came with the units might be the problem. Apparently they were.

Re: Daisy chain or splitters

I have my answer now. Daisy chain does not degrade the signal, but you can either use it in the first device or pass through, but not both. So to watch one channel while recording on another, you have to use splitters.

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