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da vinci maui 12x12 floor tile

This product has been gone for awhile. I need to repair a section of flooring in my kitchen. Does anybody have any of this tile. Da Vinci maui 12 x 12. I'm in the DC area.

Thanks, Mike

Re: da vinci maui 12x12 floor tile


We see folks looking for this very same tile often. Same on the John Bridge Tile Forum. Its hard to find some 6 months later...

Good luck in your search.

Re: da vinci maui 12x12 floor tile

How about Michael Angelo Molokai tiles?

Re: da vinci maui 12x12 floor tile

Yah, this comes up a lot.

Truth is, trying to match any natural stone tile -- regardless of source -- is nearly impossible. Even if you manage to find the same quarry it came from, it will likely be different, due to the fact that the rock will vary from one point to another in the quarry. When you order a batch of tile for an entire job, it's typically all from a small area of the quarry. If you order replacement pieces, that area of the quarry will have been sold out long ago.

A. Spruce
Re: da vinci maui 12x12 floor tile

If I had a dime for every time this question has been asked, I'd be a millionaire by now! Just goes to show how frequently this question is asked, and the answer is the same, each and every time:

1 - Buy from a reputable dealer, NOT a big box who changes products faster than you can change your underwear.
2 - Buy more tile than you need so that you have extras for repair or expansion when the need arises.
3 - See #1
4 - See #1
5 - See #1
6 - See #1
7 - See #1
8 - Have I mentioned that you should see #1 ?

Re: da vinci maui 12x12 floor tile

Forget the Maui, you'll never find it. You're looking at keeping what you've got cracks and all or redoing the whole floor. And I'll bet you'll buy more than enough of the new tiles from somebody else this time- life is a learning experience isn't it?. Ah, all the time and money those big box stores save you- aren't you glad they're there?


Re: da vinci maui 12x12 floor tile

Even tile from reputable dealers & manufacturers is discontinued from time to time.
The only recourse often is to buy at least a few more boxes than you need. That will ensure you never need it. Problem solved.;)

Re: da vinci maui 12x12 floor tile

yes certain tiles are discontinued through reputable dealers but nowhere near as often as big box stores... and as stated by a spruce see #1

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