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cycling water pump - of course, on weekend

Of course this happens on weekend, but before we call a plumber,
looking for suggestions re: cycling water pump. pump started
cycling on & off every few seconds. the captive air water tank is pretty empty (can easily be rocked back and forth). Air pressure
is around 25 psi. was told a month or so ago that captive air water tank wasn't holding air pressure but we didn't have any other
symptoms. water pressure was fine.

We shut off pump (so it wouldn't burn out) ..... right now we have
no water unless we turn pump back on and are willing to listen to
pump cycling. aside from shutting off pump, is there anything else we should do to prevent further damage? would like to hold off until Monday a.m. to get someone in (to save on emergency service
charges). this is a seasonal house so we can leave. just wanna make sure that shutting off pump is the best solution for time being. :confused:

Re: cycling water pump - of course, on weekend

I don't know about any other problems you might have, but it sounds like the pressure switch may be bad. You could possibly work around it until it was replaced.
I would leave it turned off as much as possible.

Re: cycling water pump - of course, on weekend

Hi, short cycling pump can be due to loss of air inside tank or bad pressure switch. if you say the tank feels empty then that is a sign that there has been a loss of air and tank is not full of water. Try this, first turn off pump,close valve going into tank,open all faucets in house, open drain and drain all water from system and home.(opening all faucets will let air in system so it can ALL drain.)Now, close all faucets, close valve from tank to home. Close drain valve, turn pump switch on, open valve going INTO tank only. Let pressure fill the tank. Once pump stops running see if the pressure goes up to 40-60 psi. Depending on your pressure switch it can be a 20-40 OR a 30-60 switch. Once pump stops, now open the valve coming OUT of tank to the home. Once that ALL stops pumping start opening all faucets to bleed the air out. Hope you understand this. This should solve your proble. If the pump is short cycling this means no water is in tank and not the right amount of air applying pressure to the water in the system. Good luck!;)Greg

Re: cycling water pump - of course, on weekend

If the bladder tank is not holding air it needs to be replaced.


Re: cycling water pump - of course, on weekend

Loss of air in the bladder tank would mean that the tank is full of water not empty. If your system has a control box rather than just a pressure switch it may be a bad capacitor. It could also be a bad pump.

Re: cycling water pump - of course, on weekend

follow-up on weekend mishap -
we kept pump off until we could get a repairman out. we draw our water supply from a lake, and repairman said he suspected that the value that prevents water from flowing "back" out the pipe, had struck open. so he installed another one - this one is now located right before pump (as opposed to going out into lake). the tank filled back up w/water, and the pump is no longer short cycling. so hopefully that's all it was. :)

he concurred that this Sears captive air water tank should be replaced. was worried about a seam along top of tank. also said if water started shooting out of tank, it could land on pump/plug, and short it out. :eek:

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