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Cutting Marble Tiles

We are finishing our bar top with 12x12 marble tiles. The front edge of the bar is curved. The marble seems very fragile on the veins. What is the best way to cut the marble tile (straight and curved) without it cracking and what is the best blade to use?
Do we score it first?

A. Spruce
Re: Cutting Marble Tiles

You need to use a tile wet saw to cut all the straight pieces. Not sure how you shape curves in marble.

Re: Cutting Marble Tiles

Straight cuts are made with a wet tile saw as described.

Curved cuts are made by using a hand held right angle grinder with a wet or dry diamond blade, then grinding the stone to shape with a grinding wheel (carbide or diamond) then polishing to shine with wet or dry polishing pads. To DIY you'l be spending about $1300 on decent tools, the wet saw coming in at $800 or so. A decent blade will cost about $80 for the wet saw.

Re: Cutting Marble Tiles

I agree with the last 2 posts. however, you can rent these wet saws from home depot or a popular hardware. And yes, get a good diamond blade. I recently purchased one ($20-25)at Home depot and it worked great. And I used the wet saw as the grinder. Make sure you figure out your cuts first before renting the saw. And be careful, the marble IS very brittle.

Re: Cutting Marble Tiles

Thanks to all. Luckily we have a good wet saw and a grinder. Just wanted to be sure!!

We will be starting this project in a few weeks. If all goes well, I'll post some pics.

Thanks again!

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