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Cutting laminate counter...in place

I set a laminate countertop in place in the laundry room that spans a base cabinet in the washer and dryer. The countertop has a backsplash as well as a separate black splash installed above it.

I need to replace our washer and dryer and found that most washers and dryers that we are interested in will not fit under the counter.

My question: I would like to remove the portion of the countertop only above the washer and dryer and not the base cabinet. Is there an easy way or approach to making a clean-cut through the countertop and it's black splash?

A. Spruce
Re: Cutting laminate counter...in place

1 - If the counter is not glued down, remove it, cut it from the back, reinstall. Done!
2 - If the counter is glued, then use a jig saw with a downward cutting blade. A sawzall will work too, but it will produce a more jagged cut because the teeth cut on the upwards stroke, which will chip the surface of the laminate, among other things.
3 - Make your cut wide of your finished line, then come back and dress it up with a flush cut router bit and a straight edge.

Re: Cutting laminate counter...in place

If the countertop is glued down with silicone (my preference and commonly used) then the bond can be broken with wedges- just tap them in place between cabinet and top, and work them evenly across the front so that nothing breaks. Soon the silicone will let go. Add furring strips of the needed height to clear the new appliances and reset. This is why I prefer silicone over glues for securing countertops; it will hold just fine under normal circumstances but is easily dealt with if the top ever needs to be removed.


Re: Cutting laminate counter...in place

A. Spruce and Mastercarpentry - both have great suggestions...thanks for your help

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