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Re: cutting cultured marble

I'm sorry, is there a hidden meaning there?:confused::D

Yikes .... I feel like I've stepped into the middle of a Fellini movie. ;):D

Re: cutting cultured marble

If you are just going to throw it out I would suggest the venerable HAMMER. I find that the polymers never clogit up and they last for a long long time:D Anyway If the man says hes done it with the saw blades why argue:rolleyes:? It worked so you're just calling him a liar or idiot and that is not good .
I will say that you can clean up and expose the diamonds on a n impregnated blade by running it through a cinder block. It works on coredrill saws too. Just make sure you do it dry:cool:.

Re: cutting cultured marble

Most of these people evidently forgot their medicine this morning.

CULTURED marble is nothing but marble dust and resin.

It can be cut with a jigsaw using any fine toothed blade.
I used a metal cutting blade to cut my vanity.

It cuts like hard soap or soft plastic, but it a bit dusty.


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