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Cutting Bi-fold doors

Has anyone ever had to cut back there bi-fold doors after installing a new floor. I installed a laminate floor in the down stairs and when I went to re-install the doors the were about a 1/2 inch to high. If I cut them back do I cut them a 1/4 inch off the top and bottom or just 1/2 inch from the bottom.

A. Spruce
Re: Cutting Bi-fold doors

It depends on how the door is constructed. As long as there is enough meat on the bottom edge that can be removed without affecting the structure of the door, most of the time you can simply trim the bottom and be fine. You may have to redrill the hole in the corners for the pivot points afterward.

Re: Cutting Bi-fold doors

You might be able to simply adjust the pivot points. Some are spring loaded, some are hand adjusted. The bottom pivot is normally the most adjusted.

Re: Cutting Bi-fold doors

Did turn the adjuster as far in as I could but still a no go. Must be cut for sure.

Re: Cutting Bi-fold doors

Allow me to add just this:

Since bi-fold doors are not known to be made of quality materials, you have to use a sharp blade and a steady hand. Don't trim too much, or you'll run into the hollow part.

Re: Cutting Bi-fold doors

If you run into the "hollow" just remove the skins from the solid bottom filler and glue it back in with a few (few dozen) brads; or duplicate in wood if it it all fiber board crap.

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