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Cut back baseboard without removing?

All of the passageways except for one are trimmed out with rosettes and plinth blocks. We'd like to trim the remaining opening which is currently drywall and baseboard. I am trying to figure out a way to cut back the baseboard on either side to make room for the plinth blocks. I know I could remove the baseboard but on two sides the run of baseboard long (12 and 14 feet) and I really hesitate to remove that and re-install it. Any ideas how I can cut back the baseboard without destroying the wall or floor? There is also a shoe molding but I am less concerned with that.

A. Spruce
Re: Cut back baseboard without removing?

What you need is a small handsaw or keyhole saw with a fresh blade.. If working over wood or tile floor, get a piece of heavy thin cardboard, such as a cereal box or note pad backer to protect the floor where you'll be cutting. Scribe a line on the baseboard and holding the saw vertically, start cutting. You'll be using short strokes, maybe 1/2" to 1". Hold the tip of the saw tightly to the trim and hold the heel of the saw far enough out from the wall that you don't scuff it.

If you are extremely careful, you could use a sawzall, however you're not going to have the control over the tool that you will with a handsaw, and it's very easy for the sawzall to catch, jump out of the cut, jabbing the floor and marring the base. I'd stick with a handsaw.

Re: Cut back baseboard without removing?

I think a better choice of tools for what you want to do would be a Dremel Multi-Max or a Fein Multimaster. Either would give you better control and do less damage.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Cut back baseboard without removing?

backsaw. don't use a sawzall you'll mar up your trim.

Re: Cut back baseboard without removing?

Thanks guys so I've been thinking along these lines. The sawzall is out, to risky. I've been leaning towards a backsaw and just taking my time. The Dremel and the Fein are new ideas, if I can rent one it might be worth a try unless Santa wants to bring me one! Thanks much!

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Cut back baseboard without removing?

I probably should have said pull saw.

TOH has two articles on them, first one is a photo gallery has many pages of photos with captions. Hint strongly to Mrs. Claus maybe? :D

Japanese Handsaws (click on link):

Norm's Notebook: Japanese Handsaws (click on link)


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