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Curing times?

Hi all,
I am repainting my staircase. Walls required quite a few patches, some of them are large. I dried them well.
Can you please summarize - time range between:
1 - primer touch ups on new drywall patches and final primer layer
2 - Primer and 1st layer of latex paint.
3 - 1st and 2nd layers of latex paint.
Thank you

MLB Construction
Re: Curing times?

paints drying times vary greatly depending on humidity and temperature. you're best off to refer to the manufacturers recommendations on the can of paint.

A. Spruce
Re: Curing times?
MLB Construction wrote:

paints drying times vary greatly depending on humidity and temperature. you're best off to refer to the manufacturers recommendations on the can of paint.


The paint label will be a good guideline, still, everything depends on the environmental conditions and how the paint is being applied

Re: Curing times?

Relative to paint drying times, primers are quite fast drying with re-coat times usually within the 1 to 2 hour range.

Paints vary according to how much pigment is placed in them. Light colors are usually in the 1 to 2 hour range. Dark colors can take several hours to avoid problems. A good rule of thumb is to allow one hour of drying time for each ounce of colorant in them.

If you ere, ere toward generous dry times. Rushing the re-coating can cause all kinds of problems; lifting of the previous coat, streaky look, etc.

As the other contributors have stated, if all else fails, read the directions on the cans! But do give extra time with those dark colors, especially dark colors in the higher sheen paints.

Re: Curing times?

Thank you very much,
I will be painting in light colors but won't rush anyway.
I will be using Behr Premium Plus paint, color from White and Light collection. I am looking at their booklet now. Which sheen should I use for the walls? They have Flat, Flat Enamel or Eggshell Enamel?
Thank you,

Re: Curing times?


Sheen choice is a combination of personal taste and practicality. Generally, the higher the sheen, the more washable, water and scuff resistant the paint is.

Light traffic areas such as adult bedrooms can well use a flat or flat enamel ( slight sheen). Hallways, especially where kids are present, should be at least an eggshell or satin. Kids' rooms should have at least an eggshell or satin.

Traditionally, semi-gloss is reserved for bathrooms or kitchens due to its superior moisture resistance and scrubability.

The Behr Premium Plus ULTRA can be used in high humidity areas such as baths, even in as low a sheen as an eggshell, due to its very dense nano technology coating. I have been personally using the Ultra Eggshell in my baths and laundry with great satisfaction.

There are no absolute right or wrongs. You have to live with and enjoy the results.

Re: Curing times?

Thank you all,
yes I did it and I am enjoying the results now. I am getting better with each project... I am actually getting considerably better at cutting in and am planning to do my next project with minimal amount of tape it any at all.
Thank you.

Re: Curing times?

I disagree about a short 1-2 hour recoat time over plaster patches. I would use a top-quality primer and let it cure fully before top-coating. If you rush this step you can get full bond failure and the whole patch blisters off. Make sure you wipe down the patch with a damp sponge too; paint won't bond to drywall dust.

Re: Curing times?

I would not disagree with Sombreuil about longer cure times over plaster. Acrylic based primers reach their maximum cure time after about 24 hours. The original post was priming over drywall.

Where extensive patching is done, I would spot prime the patches and then follow with a general priming of the whole wall. Of Course, the walls could be generally primed twice.

Just one coat of primer over new patches risks "flashing" in the sheen of the paint over the patches. Also, if strong colors are being used, tint the primer toward the finish color.

Re: Curing times?

That's exactly what I did. 1st - spot primed patches (and I had a lot of them) with Zinsser primer, 8-10hrs later - primed whole wall. Then - the next day- paint. So far - very pleased with my results.

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