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Curb valve stuck open

Hi all--

In New York City, the owner is responsible for the curb valve. According to the city, we must use a licensed contractor to shut it off. We can't just buy our own key.

We live in New York City in a co-op building. Our main water valve is broken. So are 3 sets of secondary valves that follow the main valve.

We hired a company that came to do the job. They went to the curb and tried to turn the curb valve. They couldn't do it. They indicated that the valve was corroded and broken. However, it seemed that the guy just didn't have the strength or courage to turn it. 

Now, they want us to excavate the street, shut off the water main, then replace the curb valve and all of the valves following it. Does that sound right? Any ideas?

If we try to turn it, we might break it, and that would be a mess.


Re: Curb valve stuck open

Is the owner responsible for the curb box itself or the pilumbing from the box in? Big difference. I don't blame the previous guy for not wanting to put more shoulder in it. Maybe he's been there, done that with unfavorable results. It can lead to one of those situations where it breaks and both parties refuse to pay for the repair.

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