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My house was built prior to 1940,(closer to 1920, I think). It has gable vents at opposit ends and 3 hips. The roof is relatively steep (5or6 in 12) I would guess. The eves extend almost 2 ft. from the house.It suffered significant damage to the roof during hurricane Ike(two pecan trees went through it). I know that current thinking is to install ridge vents with soffits under the eves. The problem is, trying to retro-fit the eves with soffits would be extremely difficult. My thought is to accomplish ventilation by opening the remaining hips and install a cupola similar to an Amish barn. I would then install a solar powered fan in the cupola to facilitate drawing a draft through the attic. Does this sound like a reasonable alternative to ventilate my house? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. By the way, I live on the Gulf Coast near Houston, TX where the summers get extremely hot and humid.

Re: Cupola

I think you should check with an engineer, I don't think you will get the same amount of ventilation with a cupola and a fan than you would get with ridge vents on all the ridges. Besides, the cupola would need to be rather large to carry the size fan you would need and would probably cost you more with the fan and cupola than the ridge vents.

Calcats ;)

Re: Cupola

Powered vents are used all the time and work fine, the problem would be if one vent is sufficient for the size of attic you have.

Re: Cupola

Thanks for the input.

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