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cultured marble and plumbers putty

I am installing the plumbing on a one piece cultured marble sink/vanity top. My container of plumbers putty says not to use on cultured marble, instead use silicone, but the silicone I have found says it is not for use below the waterline. So what do I use to seal the sink drain? What does the putty do to the marble?

A. Spruce
Re: cultured marble and plumbers putty

In this instance, the silicone will suffice. Plumbers putty can leave and oil stain discoloration, which is why it's not recommended.

The "below waterline" restriction on silicone refers to permanent life under water as well as pressure based applications. Since the only time it will be under water in your sink is when you've pulled the stopper lever to hold water in the bowl, there's no worries, the drain is water tight where it needs to be, the slight amount of seepage you might have around the visible portion of the drain neck will weep into the overflow of the sink and down the drain where it belongs. No worries. Just use the silicone sparingly to make clean up of the surface easier and not plug up the overflow area with excess.

Re: cultured marble and plumbers putty

As an owner of a cultured marble company. I advice all my clients to never ever use plumbers putty. Always use a clear silicone base product:)

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