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Crumbling Basement Wall

One section in my basement wall is... I'm not sure what to call it, but eroding fits, and will crumble when you touch it. The effected area is roughly 20" wide by 30" high, starting at the basement floor. I assume that water is the cause, but my Driveway is on the other side of this wall, right up against the exterior basement wall, approximately 4' above the basement floor. I do not know what a "proper" fix for this wall would be. Can you please help?

Re: Crumbling Basement Wall

I'm no expert with basements, but this much I know:
The only effective fix must be made on the exterior.

What does it mean? It means that you will need to excavate outside the basement to gain access to the exterior and fix it right.

Any interior fix will not give the same results.

Re: Crumbling Basement Wall

Take a look at the pitch of your driveway toward the house. It could have settled at the house side over time and is letting water down the outside of the foundation. This water can work its way into the conc. and show up on the basement side as efflorescence and can erode the concrete over time.

I had this on one of the houses I have had. The garage was right next to the basement and the garage slab settled toward the basement wall. Sure enough all the snow from the car would melt in the garage and run right down to the foundation. We would get chalky white areas on the inside of the basement. Not only that but it appeared nothing was done by the previous owner to re mediate the problem other than some water proof paint or something similar. It didn't hold up over time.

If the pitch of the driveway is toward the house and your driveway is asphalt perhaps adding more asphalt at the foundation side to would help alleviate the problem.

Timothy Miller
Re: Crumbling Basement Wall

Howdy this is a biggie you need on sight inspection and thus a soils engineer or a very experienced contractor to inspect and tell you what needs done. Do it soon to avoid $$$$ or collapse.

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